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Laser Assisted Lipolysis

Safest And Most Effective Technique Available Today!

Laser Assisted Lipolysis in Mullica Hill, NJ
Laser Assisted Lipolysis in Mullica Hill, NJ

Laser-assisted lipolysis works through selective photothermia, which occurs when laser-light energy is absorbed by fat and then converted into heat energy. The laser energy is transmitted to the adipocytes via the passage of a laser fiber. The adipocytes absorb the energy and rupture, yielding permanent volume reduction. 

Laser-assisted lipolysis is a photo thermal process secondary to the absorption of laser energy by water which raises the temperature of the subcutaneous space and lower dermis. This  energy causes contraction in all layers due to collagen remodeling.                                                  Individual results may vary. Call for your free consultation today to get the detailed evaluation and to discuss options.


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Dr. Malik and Dr. Krever really care about what they do and the treatments they perform and it shows in their work. They are really great.

Thanks so much for all your patience.
I'm in my late 60's but I look 50!

My friends can't believe how young I look, they've already scheduled appointments!

The docs are wonderful.
I found the doctors and staff to be very approachable and friendly and they didn´t try to sell me something I didn´t need, in fact, they talked me out of a procedure!! I would highly recommend them!
I started with one area of liposuction and I loved the results so much, I'm on my 3rd area!
Dr. Malik took a lot of time with me, explained the procedure in depth and made me feel very comfortable with the treatment I chose, she's really great and easy to talk with!
Oh my goodness, I really cannot believe the change in my appearance, I feel like I look at least 5 years younger, my husband can't get over the changes as well, he said to me "people are going to think you're my daughter, not my wife"! Thanks Dr. Malik:)
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